Ryan has been with The World Over from their humble beginnings as a metal core band in a music school. One of the first people Ryan met from school was Tiaday Rocke who asked him to be a part of it and they've been working together ever since. The World Over has been around for about four years and continues to grow and evolve rapidly in the music scene. They've had the honor of playing Warped tour twice before it ended. They've toured throughout the US multiple times with the likes of Otep and also toured internationally with Escape the Fate.  They've been featured on Alternative Press multiple times as well as many other music magazines. They've worked with many seasoned professionals including Siegfried Meier (Juno award winner, Kitty, DMX), Omar Espinosa (former guitarist and one of the founding members of Escape the Fate) and most recently Ryan Greene (grammy award winning producer). The World Over has gained some real traction in the past few years and doesn't plan on stoping anytime soon. They will continue to grow and work hard to achieve success and a fruitful career.